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Appendix 3: Banking Inquiry Operating Model

Process and protocols outlining how the Banking Inquiry was structured, managed and run


  1. Inquiry scoping and establishment (the Relevant Proposal Process)
  2. Evidence Strategy
  3. Witness Management Protocol
  4. Public Hearings question strategy and approach
  5. “Close book” process and books of core documents
  6. Report Framework
  7. Consultation
  8. Publication, Archiving and Retention
  9. Milestones and timelines

List of Abbreviations

DMS Document Management System
FTI Expert support team for the Context Phase
NOI Notice of Intention to issue a Direction
TOM Target Operating Model
ToR Terms of Reference
RP Relevant Proposal
WSP Witness for public hearings / Witness statement for public hearings
WSW Non-appearing witnesses / Witness statement from non-appearing witnesses
WSCB     Material clarification written statements requested by the Joint Committee on a voluntary basis
WSCL Clarification statements received, including under section 25 of the 2013 Act

Inquiry Scoping and establishment


Nexus Evidence Strategy




Witness Management Protocol







Nexus Public Hearings



Close Book Process








Publication, Archiving and Retention




Timelines and Milestones




Appendix 4: Banking Inquiry Memorandum of Procedures

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