Night of the Guarantee a myth and ‘soft landing’ theory never tested – Banking Inquiry Committee


In its final report published today the Oireachtas Banking Inquiry concluded that there were two crises – a banking crisis and a fiscal crisis. (more…)

Banking Inquiry agrees revised report structure


The Oireachtas Banking Inquiry Committee has agreed a revised draft framework for its final report which was drawn up by the report finalisation team. (more…)

Banking Inquiry puts in place team to finalise report


The Oireachtas Banking Inquiry Committee met today to discuss members’ feedback on the inquiry draft report and assess the nature of amendments and changes required. (more…)

Banking Inquiry publishes next tranche of clarifications from witnesses


The Oireachtas Banking Inquiry has today published the next batch of clarifications of material evidence from witnesses. This information has been posted as Clarification of Material Evidence under the relevant witness name on this website at (more…)

Banking Inquiry publishes statements from non-attending witnesses


The Oireachtas Banking Inquiry has today published the next batch of witness statements received from non-attending witnesses. (more…)

Banking Inquiry agrees to redact statement


The Oireachtas Banking Inquiry has today agreed to redact the written statement received from Johnny Ronan. (more…)

Banking Inquiry receives correspondence from DPP in relation to Peter Fitzpatrick


The Oireachtas Banking Inquiry has withdrawn a direction issued to former PTSB executive Peter Fitzpatrick to provide a written statement following intervention from the Director of Public Prosecutions. (more…)

Public connect with Banking Inquiry according to figures for web viewership


The Oireachtas Banking Inquiry received nearly 280,000 website page views during the course of the Inquiry, according to web viewership figures published today. The Inquiry live stream had more than 900,000 views online. (more…)

Statement by Banking Inquiry Committee Chairman Ciaran Lynch on final day of public hearings


Today is the final day of public hearings of the Banking Inquiry – an inquiry that was established to serve the Irish people, to get the answers to questions about the banking crisis and to ensure that a crisis of this nature is never visited upon the Irish people again. (more…)

Ajai Chopra, Marco Buti & Michael Noonan to appear before Banking Inquiry


The Oireachtas Banking Inquiry will conclude its public hearings tomorrow, Thursday, 10th September when it will meet with Ajai Chopra, Marco Buti and Michael Noonan. (more…)